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As one of the areas most well respected property agents, the experienced lettings team at Russell Cope are here to help you find the perfect rental property. From viewing to references, inventories to maintenance, make sure that the experience of renting your home through us is as stress-free as possible.

Russell Cope Landlord Services

We use the latest technology. We attract the right tenants. We make the right choice. We support your needs. Russell Cope offer a range of flexible services for landlords which are designed to help keep a complex area very simple.

Russell Cope Sales

if you want to sell your property to reliable, buyers, then look no further. Our local property experts are here to help and support you throughout the sales process, providing helpful and useful advice. Our powerful marketing package ensures the best possible awareness of your property and we match up the most suitable buyers for your needs, offering you the best all-round service.

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Bathrooms: 4
Prop. Type: Detached
Bedrooms: 7
Garages: 2
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Bathrooms: 1
Prop. Type: Terraced
Bedrooms: 2
Garages: 1
For Rent
Bathrooms: 1
Prop. Type: Apartment
Bedrooms: 1
Garages: 0
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Bathrooms: 1
Prop. Type: Semi-Detached
Bedrooms: 3
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Latest Property News

The Tax System Explained In Beer

Suppose that once a week, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to £100. If they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this.
The first four men (the poorest) would pay nothing.
The fifth would pay £1.
The sixth would pay £3.
The seventh would pay £7.
The eighth would...

End of tenancy and derelict car on driveway

I have a property that is about to be vacated. The tenants have had a car on the driveway that has not moved for about 2 years.
The tires are flat, the brakes are locked solid and I’ve been told it will not start. I’m worried that the tenants will leave it behind when they vacate and would like advice on what I can reasonably do regarding...

Is a Property Partnership future proofing my business?

My partner and I have a portfolio of 10 properties in joint names which we fully self-manage including lettings and repairs. They are singe let houses, not HMO’s. We treat this as a business as it is our main source of income. I’ve read quite a lot about the potential advantages of being a property partnership, particularly for future...

No EPC – No Mortgage

Did you know that from April 2018, BTL landlords might find it far more difficult to get buy to let mortgages if their properties don’t have the right Energy Performance Certificate rating
EPC’s are rated from A (the most energy efficient property) down to G.
Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) include detailed information about...

Hammersmith and Fulham Discretionary Licensing

Hammersmith & Fulham have confirmed that they have just launched a discretionary licensing scheme. Nearly all privately rented properties in the borough need to be licensed.
They have released two new licensing schemes in addition to the mandatory licensing scheme.
The three types of property licences are as follows:

Harlow Universal Credit Roll Out Postcodes

Anyone who lives in a postcode listed below (of working age, with less than 3 children) will no longer be able to make a new claim to any of the existing benefits: Tax credits, Housing Benefit, Income support, Employment Support Allowance, Jobseekers Allowance.
Instead they will have to make a claim for Universal Credit full service which...

Newham Council threatening new front doors!

Newham Council sending letters to all leaseholders of ex-council flats asking to provide the fire safety certificates or replace front doors to FD30 certified front Doors.
They have identified ( no survey was carried out ) that current door doesn’t meet current fire regulations and funny enough my one bed flat front door was installed by...

Launch of RLA Quarterly Survey on Finance and Tax Issues

The last two years have seen a number of changes announced that could adversely impact your letting business. This includes changes to mortgage interest relief, stamp duty land tax, proposed letting agent fee ban, capping of tenancy deposits, licensing schemes and more.
Last year we launched our first quarterly survey on the finance and...

Focus on purpose-built student accommodation

Student accommodation is attracting billions of pounds of investment each year, with the purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) sector, in particular, growing in popularity.
Student expectations for accommodation have evolved in recent years. Today’s student population is increasingly international, demands quality, purpose-built...

Do I still need to go to court TODAY?

I have served a section 8 notice on a tenant for several months of unpaid rent and the court hearing is later today. However, he has now given us back the keys so I have possession, BUT can I still use the court hearing to try and claim some of the unpaid rent back or force the CCJ or do I need to start another process to try and recover some...

Declaration of trust and restriction on title?

I am in the process of trying to sell a property where I have used a DoT to move some of the economic interest into my wife’s name. When the DoT was created, there was a restriction put on the property’s title.
I am now trying to sell the property and the buyer’s solicitor wants the restriction removed before completion, which I assume...

Incorporating property business with different legal owners?

I have a portfolio of about 25 properties and having spoken to Mark Alexander I have decided to shortly contact Mark Smith to arrange for him to prepare all the relevant paperwork re incorporating my property rental business by way of beneficial declaration of trust – One point that I and for that fact my Accountant is unable to advise me on is...

Retaining an RMC after management transferred to a RTM?

At the moment we have a Resident’s management company (RMC) limited by Shares and management may be transferred to a Right to management (RTM).
This would potentially mean that the records of two companies have to be maintained.
Other than the fact that all the leases list the RMC as the management company is there any reason why...

Should we have been given notice?

Our fixed term tenancy rolled into a periodic one after 6 months.
When we moved over to the periodic tenancy, should the landlord/letting agent have advised us of the change to the notice period?
As I understand it, we have to give 1 months notice from our rent payment date. We are buying a house with completion in 3 weeks and want...

Does a Landlords insurance claim affect my home insurance?

I am going through a claim on my Landlord insurance at the moment for water damage.
My question is does the claim affect my own home insurance?
Do I have to tell my own home insurers of the claim as the insurance company who is insuring my home and landlord insurance is the same just different departments I presume?

RICS Surveyors concerned about Landlords leaving the PRS

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) conducted a survey of its members which highlighted their concern over landlords leaving the PRS when demand for rental property is already outstripping supply.
Member Surveyors surveyed thought on average over the next five years rental price inflation would be 3% where as they thought...

Leicester BTL Recap (And What It Means For 2018)

Leicester overview – the landlord year in figures
According to Zoopla, last year the average price for a property in Leicester was £206,115, whilst that average rose to £215,257 for August 2017, a growth of 1.11% on the year before....

Are you properly protected against claims by tenants and prosecutions by the authorities?

This is the 16th and last post in my 2017 Legal Update series.  See the rest of them here.
During this legal update series, I have given you a brief overview of the main laws which apply to landlords renting in the private sector.
It’s a big topic and I...

Renting to Charity – Church

I have just been approached by church who want to rent my 4 bed house for 1-2 years for their Pastor.
Could I do normal AST with them? Is there any pitfall in that.. as the letting agent said we cant do any credit check etc as they are registered charity and they were not sure, and asked us to take call if we want to rent them or not....

HMO Liverpool advice please

Dear All
16 months ago I bought a 6 bedroom HMO in Liverpool for 145k (105k interest only mortgage with Paragon, 5 year fix); I live in Somerset so it’s managed for me. I’m 54 and planning to retire in a couple of years.
Unfortunately, the expected tenants didn’t materialize, (or at least not enough of them) so I looked at another...