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As one of the areas most well respected property agents, the experienced lettings team at Russell Cope are here to help you find the perfect rental property. From viewing to references, inventories to maintenance, make sure that the experience of renting your home through us is as stress-free as possible.

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We use the latest technology. We attract the right tenants. We make the right choice. We support your needs. Russell Cope offer a range of flexible services for landlords which are designed to help keep a complex area very simple.

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if you want to sell your property to reliable, buyers, then look no further. Our local property experts are here to help and support you throughout the sales process, providing helpful and useful advice. Our powerful marketing package ensures the best possible awareness of your property and we match up the most suitable buyers for your needs, offering you the best all-round service.

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Negligence Stops House Sale – Need advice!!

As an interested daily reader of Property118 and seeing the professionals who utilise it, I was hoping someone could offer their opinions. Our situation is as follows:  We purchased our existing home in Bristol as a new build in December 2010 from a well-known developer (the name sounds not too dissimilar to a brand of......

Capital Gains – Am I in Cloud Cuckoo land?

We are trying to work out our Capital gains liability on our buy to let property as are planning to sell it. There does not seem to be any clear information saying that we can take off the mortgage (not the cost of the mortgage) off the basic sum. We bought the property for £56K......

When can I get rid of this problem tenant?

I have a tenant who is on a 6 month AST which started on August 23rd. The tenancy agreement was signed by her and her boyfriend but this relationship has broken down, I understand with police involvement.  The problems I have had so far are as follows:- Two internal doors removed and left for around......

Has my tenant died?

I have a tenant that I have not been able to contact for several months regarding a gas safety check. The rent comes in each month from housing benefit and the tenant is not in arrears. Although he has always been unreliable and disorganised we have previously been able to contact him eventually. This time......

Grounds to serve notice?

I have a tenant who is currently in a periodic tenancy, he and his family are neglecting the property.  He informed us of a small drip coming through the ceiling he thought was from the shower over the bath, so I asked he not to use the shower until it was repaired. When I arrived......

Fee for Statutory Periodic Tenancy?

I have searched high and low for a definitive answer to this question to no avail.  In a nutshell – my tenancy agreement states that I am liable to a £75 renewal fee for a new 6 month tenancy (which I won’t be paying after having read many threads on this subject). Now, I am......

Who should pay?

A client has a property at the top (3rd floor) of a building that houses a dental practice.  A lot of people use the main staircase over the other floors. The dentists are saying that the tenants caused a lot of damage carrying a sofa up and down the stairs and that they are responsible......

Rental losses or capital losses?

If I rent a property out for two/three years- and in year one had losses of say £30,000- ( due to repair work) – and each year the loss goes down – if I sell the property- what happens to the losses?  Would it be better to treat some of the building work as capital......

Modelling your property portfolio growth – is 5% annual growth reasonable?

I’m relatively new to property investing, having become an accidental landlord 6 months after buying my first property in 2006. I now have 3 properties, the last of which was the first purpose bought investment (#2 was my wifes flat which we’ve kept).  I am very goal driven, so I’ve had a go at forecasting......

How do I go about letting my property?

I am an owner of several properties. In the past I have worked for a small organisation supporting persons with mental ill health in my own and my company’s private accommodation. In 2012 it was decided that we would cease our contract with local government because of increasing paperwork and returns and reduction in contract......

Buy to Let Strategy – what to do next!

My wife and I have 3 properties in Malta which we rent out – we’ve recently had a baby, and are not sure what to do next in order to position ourselves best for the future.  At the moment, we live in the UK, but may move to Malta at some point (say within the... Read...

Landlords are making more use of the Section 21 Accelerated procedure

Since Landlord Action started in 1999, which incidentally is also the year the Section 21 accelerated procedure was introduced, we have never had so many instructions from landlords and letting agents wishing to proceed to court to obtain possession orders under Section 21. Last year, there were 34,080 claims issued under the section 21...

Damage caused by tenants ex – who pays?

One of my tenants had her/my house damaged when her recent ex partner (father of her child and on the tenancy up until May 2014) broke in recently. The police were called and they boarded up the house.  I have received a bill from the police for this, do I pay or does the tenant......

With ZERO capital, how can a newbie ‘get into’ property investment?

I’m sure this simple question will attract many answers – some useful, many humorous!  I’ve heard about no money down deals, lease options and similar …. I’ve also read these are a con!!! So what is the truth? Your opinion / input will be welcome. Kind regards Mark
The post...

West Bromwich Building Society Accounts

The 2013/14 accounts for West Bromwich Building Society show that they appear to have turned a corner and are back into profit.  Or do they? Perhaps that corner is a roundabout! Profits of £2.1 million were declared and their Chief Executive got a very nice thank you in the form of a whopping £134,000 bonus.......

Poor letting agency but no signed contract

Within the last month I became a landlord for the first time. I’ve had little or no communication from the letting agency since a verbal agreement to put the property with them and had to chase them for the move in date for the tenants. Their communication is terrible and has resulted in crossed words......

Who do you know working on R2R strategy?

Hello Although new to this forum I’m experienced in property and am now looking to extend my network and knowledge.  I’m currently working on the Rent 2 Rent strategy with a view to longer term investment such as a purchase option. My question is: do you know of people finding R2R opportunities in the South......

£3,000 for BT to install phone line? !!!

I have recently purchased a bungalow. Originally there was a house with an enormous garden, and about fifty years ago a bungalow was built halfway down the garden, accessed by a narrow drive between the houses about 30m long. This was recently acquired by a developer who extended the bungalow and divided it into two......

Tenant with AWOL Landlord AND Property Manager!

Hi folks  Just need a bit of advice please. It’s a long story so please do bear with me. I rent a bedsit in a converted house and have been there about 3 years, no dramas or issues. My bedsit was broken into on Wednesday 15th Oct 2014 by bailiffs looking for an electricity meter......

Rental taxation query

I have six rental properties, three in the UK and one each in Australia, France and Spain, producing a net income of around £40,000. Does anyone know if there would be any tax advantages by setting up a company to operate these?  Regards Robert
The post ...